Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TIL Not Until

My brain doesn't always stick to the script. I saw the picture above and brain read it as: "TIL=Then I Learned we meet again."
"Til" is internet shorthand found on some sites, in league with LOL or IMHO.
So, why is this so fascinating that I had to post about it?
The 'we meet again' part. I'm not saying that we do, only that we might. When we who are part of God's family are brought together, all the generations will be represented. I'm related back through the ages to one
Thomas Stone, who signed his name on our Declaration of Independence. If he was a Christian, I will see him there.
In this my short life I have had many friends, known many Christians as I have lived in many places. I left them behind, but we will meet again.
Coin obverse: there will be many that I have known in my life that I will never see again. TIL

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Doug said...

I'm selfish-I want everyone to go to Heaven. I want to see it filled to the golden rafters with Grace saved sinners. I hope to see you there.