Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where Credit Is Due

It's a powerful image-the Obamas standing in the doorway through which many African slaves left the continent of Africa.
From the Washington Post:
"President Obama stepped alone into the frame of the Door of No Return on Senegal’s Goree Island on Thursday afternoon, taking a look at the Atlantic Ocean from the same views that African slaves once did on their way to North America."
"The trip was a reminder that “we have to remain vigilant when it comes to the defense of human rights,” Obama said. “This is a testament to when we’re not vigilant in defense of human rights what can happen. Obviously, for an African American, an African American president, to be able to visit this site, gives me even greater motivation in terms of human rights around the world.”
Since President Obama has 'greater motivation' in terms of human rights, I would like to point out a few of the greater human rights abuses going on in this century.
First and foremost, if  the President is a defender of those whose human rights are being violated, I suggest that he take up the issue of Abortion, where millions of Americans are being slaughtered each decade.
These babies are stripped of their identity, considered less than human, just as African slaves were in ages past. That is wrong and the most egregious of human right abuses possible.
Another abuse of human rights-"Peace Talks" with the Taliban with whom we have been at war.
Peace talks CAN follow surrender by one side or the other, but to extend an olive branch in the middle of a conflict without one side giving up?
The Taliban, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood-all are keeping populations of peoples in another form of slavery.
Their beliefs are diametrically opposed to our ideals of personal freedom. To talk peace to such groups is to offer to surrender our beliefs, our way of life.
Just one more for today. If President Obama truly cares about human rights, he should reverse his ship of State and do all that he can to free American citizens from being owned by the Federal Government and some State governments.
But the chains are of his design, and he will not set anyone free. Nice picture in Senegal, though, highlighting a problem that was solved in our country 150 years ago.

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Doug said...

I've been laying off the Obama Admin for the most part as I see it as an evil which will remain in place for years. Those things which I can't do anything about don't take up much of my day. I've got my own pecans to salt.