Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thank God For This D-Day

Thanks once more to Google images for aggregating the collection of pics above. 
One madman colluded with other madmen and the rest of the world banded together to confront and defeat their madness. There. In one sentence, the WHY of D-Day. Death and destruction on a scale unimaginable.
Bombs. Bullets. Blood shed.
One of the best days in human history.
President Roosevelt never apologized to Germany, Italy or Japan.
Thank God that He didn't allow any Obama-types near power in those days.
He raised up warriors then, and brought the free world together in the single purpose of destroying the vain
imaginings of a madman.
I would welcome such an effort here in America if President Obama continues down the same mad path as Hitler.
Remember that I said, "IF".
I still hold out hope that things won't get so bad.
Remember D-Day. Remember the reasons why Hitler was opposed. Learn from history.


Doug said...

You might think I was a little harsh on President Obama.
If the Press won't do their job, keeping him honest, calling him out when he lies and acts corruptly...then there is no check or balance, and he will continue to become even more corrupt and evil.
Liberals, be honest, if not with me, at least with yourselves:
If any Republican abused power and acted corruptly one tenth as badly as President Obama, you would be hoarse from screaming about how evil and wrong that Republican was acting.
You've been suckered, and your pride keeps driving you to keep quiet about President Obama because you would rather the world go to hell than admit you were wrong.

Doug said...

Hmmm. Haven't had to delete a comment for awhile. Someone took issue with the post, but had to go to bad language land to express itself.
Keep it clean, campers.