Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'll Tell You

I just spent a few moments looking at the site of a Democrat 'true believer' who thinks that all of the problems this country and world face can be laid at the dirty oil and blood soaked feet of Republicans.
We don't really know why lemmings jump over cliffs, but we do know why DemoLiberals try to run the entire world over cliffs: 
Hatred. Self hate, God Hate, Everyone else Hate.
There is no love in the hearts of Democrats. They simply hate. Hate God, the world that He created, hate themselves for existing, hate existence itself.
You don't advocate abortion out of love and compassion. You don't embrace any and all death religions
while rejecting God out of concern for your fellow man.
It's hate. The Godless who reject God simply hate.
Shame on you.

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Doug said...

Shame also on those who claim to love Peace while making war on their fellow man.
This includes Muslims, Liberals fomenting class warfare and drug gangs from Mexico. All part and parcel of the same humanity that covers it's ears and runs away whenever the Gospel is preached.
Shame on you all.