Monday, September 16, 2013

Mankind Is Wishful Thinking

Another day, another mass shooting. Syria is the kickball of global "diplomacy". No wonder "Duck Dynasty"
is such a hit.
Disjointed? How did those three items end up on the same page? Read on.
MAN is not kind. Man is the only creature capable of murder and boy, do we murder!
Early reports may be wrong, but the MAN (or MEN) who killed so many today at that Navy Yard were
doing what comes naturally.
Bash al Assad was murdering Syrians with impunity-the WORLD accepted that as business as usual...until
he unleashed the chemical weapons. Now, all of a sudden, he's a bad guy?!
No, that son of a tyrant has been a bad guy for decades. He was gulfing buddies with Saddam Hussein, even took in Iraq's chemical stash when the World's cops showed up. It's a wonder that Liberals haven't ever put him up for the Nobel Prize.
So-"Duck Dynasty". Never have seen an episode; it seems to be one of the most positive "happy story"
TV shows out there. People tune in, buy the DVDs, the hats and shirts, the duck calls.
Why does this show seem to resonate with so many?
Because, even though MAN is not KIND...he wishes that we were. He wishes that the world was positive and happy like that family on TV.
All is vanity.
By now you might be wondering about the picture. This is part of my particular twisted psyche. When something bad or evil happens, I seek out something good, positive to help restore my emotional equilibrium.
When my family moved into an farmhouse in 1962 we found this trunk left behind by the former owner.
For years it held my Mother's yarn. Now it is in my house, and I store extra blankets in it. Today I bought some cedar and cut it to fit in the trunk, aromatic and a defense against mustiness. I feel better now. 

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Doug said...

The trunk is very old, probably as least a hundred years ancient. I was telling a friend about the humped top design, and he said that the reason for the hump was so that those trunks would have to be stored on top of the other luggage, so those trunks would be the last put on and the first ones off the ship.

Ah well. Pray for the families of those affected by the most recent exhibition of human nature in that Navy Yard.
Pray for the world, that it's King will soon return and set us free from the dubious rule of ManKind.