Friday, September 27, 2013

The Dead Lady Of Clowntown Speaks!

That is, she would 'speak' if she weren't merely a digirecording of the memory of a formerly alive lady.
With the underpeople in revolt, and D'Joan about to be livingly cremated to bring about " 'The Robot, the Rat, and the Copt'"...stay with me now...the Instrumentality will someday make Scanners obsolete.

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Doug said...

Go look in the mirror-if there are interrogative points forming above your head regarding this post,GOOD.
What I wrote makes more sense than what is happening in this country and world today. We are a few days away from the implementation of a social engineering program which will improve nothing and destroy much.
This country has already been beaten up, and now it's about to be abused even more.
If you are a Liberal, shame on you.