Saturday, September 28, 2013

There. That's Much Better

Don't know if you've paid attention, but the last half dozen posts here at FDW have been kind of...harsh.
Don't I know it. What comes out of a man is what does the damage, and my poor and improper response
to things like Christians being murdered and political nonsense becoming the law of the land kinda sorta turned me a bit cynical. Garbage in/Harsh out.
Other events in my life piled on and soured my normal exuberantly sunny disposition.
But God loves His children too much to allow us to stay sour for very long.
Just like other, wiser Christians I will look at the world trusting that God has everything well in
hand. Living by what we see and reacting to what happens isn't faith. Even when terrible things happen, God
has it covered.
So I apologize if my tone recently has been off putting. One of the {few} rules that I set at FDW is that I will
not fake anything-if times have been tough, I will not put on a happy face and pretend that all is just
May God Bless you this day.

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Doug said...

The last post about the Dead Lady of Clowntown came about from that 'reacting to what happens instead of trusting God' mentality. The world IS not making a lot of sense right now. My point was that a sci-fi universe created by Paul Linebarger
made more sense by comparison.
What really makes sense is to trust God.