Saturday, January 09, 2016


There isn't enough crazy on the Internet, and I apologize for letting down the team.
Following is a list, an order of events which will never happen, but hey! It's fun to contemplate
and conject the warp and woofs of whens and whys.

1. Hillary leaves the Presidential race (in leg shackles?) and, in a panic for a Candidate, the DNC BEGS Joe Biden to reconsider and accept the nomination.

2. Joe says "Sure, I'll do it, but I want Barry Obama as MY running mate!" 
A President may only hold the office twice, but there is nothing to stop him from humbly accepting the second slot on the team. The fact that it has never happened before? This is Obama.

3. The Biden/Obama ticket wins in a landslide, with a populace once more energized to partake in history.

4. After a year, President Joe declares that for the good of his family, he will be stepping aside and allowing his Vice president to succeed him.

5.Dmitry Medvedev...I'm Sorry! Joe Biden retires into ignominy whilst the people's choice President Obama leads the country for three more years.

6. The Iran Nuke deal which President Obama brokered in his first incarnation comes into perfect focus as it is put forth as 'evidence' of his "Global Credentials" when he puts his name in the hat for 
the only job that he doesn't believe is beneath him: Secretary-General of the United Nations.

If that's not crazy enough for this space.

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Doug said...

In case you are wandering, and you wander onto this post-it's all for giggles. I don't expect any of it to happen. Really. Honest.