Saturday, January 23, 2016

In Vain, He Asks-Did Yoda Die?

I know, I know-who am I to berate innocent fun makers? I've exercised my Wit for years, made fun of many, written satire, photoshopped my giggles...who am I to cry "NAY!" at someone's attempts at humor?
Just Doug.
Free Speech should also be Interesting Speech, informed Speech.
Don't just gather the low hanging fruit of Wit. 
Here, I'll use a recent example from my other blog:
I don't call Hillary 'stupid' or paste her face on someone else's body. That would be low hanging Wit. Comparing her ambitions with those of Cathy Di aims a little higher, even if people don't know Di Medici. They should. She was nasty. Vanna and Al are shocked when they see the connection.
Did Yoda die in vain? Will you give up giving in to the dark side of making yourself feel better by ripping up others? I'm telling you as a friend, for your own good: be funnier.

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Doug said...

Please apply some mental elbow grease before attempting humor again. Think of the children!