Monday, January 11, 2016

Humbled Home

Back before some of you were born, I worked the U.S. Census and in my travels I came across an old lady living in what could charitably be called a 'hut', half the size of the house in the picture above.
Specifically, the ceiling was at five and a half/six feet. She was bent and tiny and older than the dirt floor she walked on.
She was happy to have a visitor, and answered my questions politely.
It was her Home. She was happy there. When I returned the following Fall to follow up she had passed away.
I recently heard someone say that "The only way to be made to feel poor is to want more than you have."
The Apostle Paul said that he had learned to be content in all circumstance. He stood before Kings, and would have been just as comfortable visiting with the nice old lady.
Right now there is a humongous  POWERBALL lottery prize which may be won Wednesday-over a Billion dollars (!) before the Government gets it's pound of flesh.
That 'Prize' would break most people-lives ruined, relationships's not worth it.
When that "winner" dies he or she will have the same empty hands as that nice lady in the hut had when she passed. We carry nothing into the next world.
Do you want Happiness? Be content with what God has given you.
If He gives you more, be content with that.
If He takes some or all of it get the idea.
May God Bless you.

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Doug said...

Today the interwebs are ringing with the passing of David Bowie.
Yesterday he was a world acclaimed somebody, and now?
A memory.