Sunday, January 17, 2016

Paths Tense

Friction. Not frisson, but knowing from our innermost that we Christians don't get along well
with the World.
Our path is heading in the opposing direction.
We don't make sense to those walking not with us.
And that is all right. By design.
I read an article this morning that stated that we Christians are not called to be political activists.
Nor are we supposed to 'take back' the country-the writer asked, "Back to where? To when?"
No-we are to share the Gospel with a World which in unison covers their ears while running from the direction opposite ours.
God but God.
But God does the work of uncovering ears, choosing some who will stop, listen and repent unto Salvation.
May God so Bless you today.

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Doug said...

If a Christian feels too 'at home' in this sinful world, God may correct us, get our attention-and sometimes it may really hurt. But that it how it is.
Likewise, many who are trapped in false belief, who think in terms of being raised in a church but have never known God...they may think that their church makes them a Christian. Those in that bind feel no friction with the world...because they belong to the world.
May God save such.