Friday, January 01, 2016

Don't Misunderstand Our Role

   Saw this film a few years ago, and it is fine; I was heading something else but this works, too.
Thinking about the world, this clunky old kosmos we run around in.
   Why are there Christians?
What is our point, our purpose?
   All you Christians, hush, please-I'm asking the rest of the crowd.
Why, if there is a God, does He leave us down here amongst the sin, the corruption, pains and
   Yes, we share the Gospel. God commanded, and we obey, even though He doesn't need us to DO
anything. God is not dependent on our efforts to share the Good News.
   You who are not Christians, who KNOW that even if you attend a church...know that it's not real-you might assume that we Christians are here to make ourselves feel better at your expense. That we make magnify ourselves by making you feel worse, talking about hell, damnation and politics as if it were all your fault.
   You hear us Christians talking about 'The Rapture' as if it were our "Stay out of hell for free card".
Don't misunderstand our role.
   If God were to instantly translate every Christian in a personal Rapture the moment we accept Christ, the World would never see it. 
   We Christians are God's evidence that not only does He Save sinners, but that Salvation is still possible today. We don't just selfishly disappear up into Heaven. He leaves us here so that more people see that THEY can be saved.
   If you look at my life, you will find one of the most obstinate, hard headed goofy sinners that has ever sinned.  You will see someone who still fails to do right, to keep 'pure', someone who still struggles every day.
But more than 30 years ago before God saved me, I was much worse. 30 plus years of living as a Christian, I've known Peace and Blessings every day. I have been changed by God for the better, and when I make it to Heaven, all the dross, all the sin will be gone. No more troubles and tears. 
   Our Christian purpose is to share the Gospel, yes, but also to be light in a dark world.
And we are, though some of us are dimmer than others. I can tell you that Jesus saves sinners, because He saved me. I couldn't tell you that if I were already in Heaven.
There will be a Day when God says "ENOUGH!". Ask any Christian-we know. 
Don't miss the last flight out.

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Doug said...

I'm already breaking a new rule-since ours is a TL;DR world, I intend to edit my stuff, be more concise...and here I went again.
It's all true.
May God tap you on the shoulder and bring you Home.