Thursday, March 02, 2006


Israel is The Beautiful Country, the most favored flower in God’s Garden, not because of breathtaking scenery, jutting white cliffs or expansive mountainscapes-it is the Beautiful Country because God has set it as His special place, the Holy land where His throne will be seated. When He reigns from there, He will take away the mockery associated with Jerusalem’s name-it truly will be the City of Peace.
Thomas Wolfe famously said that “You can’t go home again.” but Home is waiting for us.
Home is where the heart is indeed, and as our hearts belong to Jesus, that’s Home.
As wonderful beyond words as that time in Israel will be, even that is just a preview of the Heavenly Jerusalem where we will spend eternity. Think of it as the purest form of purity-finer than any clumsy human hand could create:

“While we’re here, we have to make the most of it.
It seem so strange-inside we’re changed
It hurts that we no longer fit
Into this world.
We have a home we haven’t seen,
All that we know-the streets are clean
And paved with gold. From days of old
We’ve heard the Promise but soon
Will see the Reality.
I can’t wait until
We meet again upon
That golden street and
We will be together for Eternity!”

The ‘F’ stands for “Faith” Aliyah.

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