Thursday, March 16, 2006

Civic Duty -- Schmivic Duty!

See that little puff of steam? That is coming out of my ears! I have just been summoned for GRAND JURY DUTY. Not your ordinary jury duty, to which I have been summoned several times and went down and did my duty. No, the one that lasts for months.

Now tell me, in a town full of retirees (retirees galore, I tells ya!) why would they insist that a person with a full-time job, who is the only cog in the wheel doing a particular job in the office, be required to do grand jury duty? If I weren't working full time, I would gladly participate. I would count it all joy! Instead, everyone at my office will be forced to take on different duties which they don't understand, and I will be faced with a pile of papers to the ceiling when I get back to work full time. The office and I won't recover for months. Does that seem fair? This is like punishment, not service to country.

Doh! (Kicks dog!)


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