Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oscar's Best Friend

Oscar night is nearly here-and I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies. I might watch the broadcast though I don’t really care who wins. I enjoy movies, and hope that they do some sort of tribute to the “Golden Age” of cinema.
Here’s Bob Hope, who introduced two great songs-”Thanks For the Memories” and “Buttons and Bows” and hosted the Oscars many times over the years. Many who only remember Bob from the Paramount ‘Road’ pictures or the TV specials will
“Hope” fully discover his other movies; he did much more than just insult Bing and chase Dorothy.
His Oscar winning song “Buttons and Bows” was introduced in “The Paleface” and returned in “Son of Paleface” -which not only reunited him with Jane Russell, but added Roy Rogers! Pure fun.
Bob could also act; he wasn’t always the man of a thousand quips. His portrayal of Eddie Foy in “The Seven Little Foys” was honest and quite dramatic. His buddy Bing won Oscars for his dramatic portrayals; I think Bob was probably a better actor, but was so comfortable making GOLD for the studios in comedies that he never felt the need to stretch. Bing would win the Oscars, and Bob would hand them to him.
Enjoy the Oscars, watch the spectacle, sing along to the songs-and I hope that your favorites win.

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