Friday, March 31, 2006

...All is McVanity

I read a great article by David Limbaugh, the author of Persecution, at his site and another article on a gathering of evangelicals to decry the "war against Christians" that they perceive. I certainly can see that the press routinely ignores the pandering of the left to appear religious in order to obtain a few votes while at the same time roundly criticizing the right, but it surprises me to hear that some evangelicals are only now noticing that Christianity is perceived as the enemy to this worldly culture of America, including so many leftist institutions, such as the movie and television industry. This line might be taken to heart by the Republican party:

The biggest threat for the Republican Party is not that these distressed "values" voters will vote for Democrats but that come this November's mid-term elections, they won't vote at all.
This is where I'm sitting if the Republican party offers up Mr. "McVain" to voters in the next presidential election. Speaking of my least favorite senator, here's a look at his similar attempt to appear religious friendly.
When McCain ran for president the last time, he denounced Falwell as one of America's "agents of intolerance." But now that McCain is gearing up to run for president as the GOP's establishment candidate, he has told Falwell that he spoke "in haste" in 2000.
What a gigantic hypocrite, and I'm not talking about Falwell. Please, Republican party, don't nominate this egocentric charlatan. I want to vote in 2008 and Hillary is out of the question.


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