Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A friend lent me a very good movie: “Just Like Heaven”, which is romantic comedy done right. As I mentioned somewhere on the web (Here? There? My thoughts are scattered across cyberspatial existences) it is a charming movie; I encourage everyone to see it. John Heder-Napoleon Dynamite-has a supporting role, so I should see that movie too-he’s quite good.
Reese Witherspoon carries the movie as easily as Cary Grant wore a tux. She is also great in “Walk the Line”.
Reese deserved her Oscar, and I look forward to seeing more of her movies.
Spring is making headway here-we should have green grass in a month or so. I’m hoping to take more pictures this summer-I slowed down quite a bit with photography once I began blogging-I took the picture of the plums on 9-28-04; it doesn‘t seem like a year and a half ago. After I took the picture we spread tarps under the trees and shook down a small plum harvest which I shared at work. Plums are sweet.
I’m also looking forward to seeing Baseball again-my team, the Atlanta Braves, hopefully will do well, but win or lose, I just enjoy the game. There’s something refreshing about a sport where rules are enforced, umpires decisions are final, arguing the inarguable will get a player or manager a quick exit, winners and losers are defined by a scoreboard, and scoreboards don’t lie. I love Baseball.
Why Reese? Why Baseball? Why Plums? It stains your soul to focus on negatives all the time. Have a Great Day, Friends.

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