Monday, April 17, 2006

May God Bless

Friends, I was all set to do another funny piece, but the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv today has knocked the funny out of me.
According to ABC News, the ZAKA religious volunteers are at work. If you haven’t heard of them, what they do is collect the bodies, and pieces of bodies after a suicide attack such as this, so that the ones who have been killed are cared for, their remains are honorably, respectfully handled. That they are volunteers speaks to the love that they have for their fellow Israelis, fellow human beings.
Pray for the families of those who have been murdered.
Pray for the ZAKA volunteers, ask God to Bless them for their service.
Pray for the family of the suicide bomber, that they may be freed from the death cult of Islam; may God use this terrible day to reach their hearts, to seek His Salvation through Jesus Christ.

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