Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Talk To The Man Who Owns One

From the official website of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran:
“President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Tuesday said the Iranian Army was a harbinger of peace and security and not a threat to any country. Addressing a ceremony marking today's observance of Army Day, he proudly declared that the "Islamic Republic of Iran's Army is today one of the most powerful armies of the world." Praising the army, he said its forces powerfully defend Iran's political borders and national dignity. Underlining the need to maintain combat readiness in the armed forces, he said the army should have at its disposal the most developed equipment and technology. The Iranian Army is in the service of peace, security and tranquility of regional countries and neighboring states, the president declared, adding that it is a friend of oppressed nations and an enemy of plotters of evil. "The power, progress and development of the Iranian nation are dedicated to the service of human welfare and global peace and tranquility. The Islamic Republic of Iran is no threat to any nation," Ahmadinejad further declared.”

Adolph Hitler, 22 June, 1941
“England formerly destroyed Spain through many wars.
For the same reason, it waged its wars against Holland.
With the help of all of Europe, it later fought France.
And around the turn of the century, it began to encircle the German Reich, and it began the World War in 1914.
Germany was defeated in 1918 only because of its inner disunity. The results were terrible. After first hypocritically declaring to be fighting only against the Kaiser and his regime, they began the systematic destruction of the German Reich after the Germany army had laid down its arms. As the prophecy of a French statesman, who had said their twenty million Germans too many, began to be fulfilled through starvation, disease or emigration, the National Socialist movement began building the unity of the German people, thereby preparing the rebirth of the Reich.

This new revival of our people from poverty, misery, and shameful contempt was a sign of a pure internal rebirth. England was not affected, much less threatened, by this. Nonetheless, it immediately renewed its hateful policy of encirclement against Germany. Both at home and abroad, we faced the plot we all know about between Jews and democrats. Bolshevists and reactionaries, all with the same goal: to prevent the establishment of a new people’s state, to plunge the Reich again into impotence and misery.

The hatred of this international world conspiracy was directed not only against us, but also against those peoples who also had been neglected by Fortune, who could earn their daily bread only through the hardest struggle. Italy and Japan above all, alongside Germany were almost forbidden to enjoy their share of the wealth of the world. The alliance between these nations was therefore only an act of self-defense against a threatening, egotistical world coalition of wealth and power.

As early as 1936, according to the testimony of the American General Wood to a committee of the American House of Representatives, Churchill had said that Germany was becoming too strong again, and that it therefore had to be destroyed.
In summer 1939, England thought that the time had come to renew its attempts to destroy Germany by a policy of encirclement. Their method was to begin a campaign of lies. They declared that Germany threatened other peoples. They then provided an English guarantee of support and assistance, next, as in the World War, let them march against Germany.

Thus between May and August 1939, England succeeded in spreading the claim throughout the world that Germany directly threatened Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Bessarabia, and even the Ukraine. Some of these nations allowed themselves to be misled, accepting the promises of support that were offered, and thereby joined the new attempt to encircle Germany.

Under these circumstances, I believed that I was called by my conscience, and by the history of the German people, to assure not only these nations and their governments that these British accusations were untrue, but also to reassure the strongest power in the East through formal declarations that our interests did not conflict.

National Socialists!
You probably all felt that this was a bitter and difficult step for me. The German people have never had hostile feelings toward the peoples of Russia. During the last two decades, however, the Jewish-Bolshevist rulers in Moscow have attempted to set not only Germany, but all of Europe, aflame. Germany has never attempted to spread its National Socialist worldview to Russia. Rather, the Jewish-Bolshevist rulers in Moscow have constantly attempted to subject us and the other European peoples to their rule. They have attempted this not only intellectually, but above all through military means.

The results of their efforts, in every nation, were only chaos, misery, and starvation.

I, on the other hand, have tried for two decades to build a new socialist order in Germany, with a minimum of interference and without harming our productive capacity. This has not only eliminated unemployment, but also the profits of labor have flow increasingly to working people.

The results of our policies are unique in all the world. Our economic and social reorganization has led to the systematic elimination of social and class barriers, with the goal of a true people’s community.

It was, therefore, difficult for me in August 1939 to send my minister to Moscow to attempt to work against Britain’s plans to encircle Germany. I did it only because of my sense of responsibility to the German people, above all in the hope of reaching a lasting understanding and perhaps avoiding the sacrifice that would otherwise be demanded of us.

With the exception of Lithuania, Germany declared that those areas and nations were outside Germany’s political interests. There was a special provision in the case that England succeeded in inciting Poland into war against Germany. But here, too, German claims were moderate, and in no relation to the accomplishments of German arms.”

But even during our march into Poland, in violation of the treaty, the Soviet rulers suddenly claimed Lithuania.
The German Reich never intended to occupy Lithuania, and ever made any such demand on Lithuania. To the contrary, it turned down the request by the Lithuanian government to send German troops there, since that did not correspond to the goals of German policy.

Nonetheless, I accepted this new Russian demand. But that was only the beginning of ever new demands.

The victory on Poland, gained exclusively by German troops, gave me the occasion to extend a new offer of peace to the Western powers. It was rejected by the international and Jewish warmongers.

The reason was that England still hoped to mobilize a European coalition against Germany that would include the Balkans and Soviet Russia.”

That’s enough, Adolph. Mahmoud’s turn:

“President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Tuesday that Palestine is not only a concern of Middle East countries and Muslims but the main priority of all lovers of mankind and free peoples of the world.”
“Blasting Western states for their hostile political and economic policies toward the elected Palestinian government, he said these purported "champions of democracy and human rights have disgraced themselves and relegated the value of humanitarian and international responsibilities," Ahmadinejad said. Stressing the importance of finding a just solution to the Palestinian issue, he said such a solution will also solve all issues confronting the world. Noting the growing crises caused by bullying powers on matters involving religious sanctities, human rights, cultural and economic ideals, he said respect for these varying ideals, points of view and common interests of vigilant peoples all over the world is the most important factor in securing global peace and tranquility based on justice and spirituality. Sustainable peace and justice, he elaborated, cannot be achieved if "the good life is enjoyed by certain powers while others suffer in poverty, war and degradation." "Islam and the great Prophet Mohammad (SPIT) enjoins a reign of peace and tranquility for all," Ahmadinejad pointed out. He added the world, and even some Western states, condemn the anti-human measures and atrocities of the Zionist regime but that these measures are a means of ensuring the survival of arrogant powers by "causing discord, creating political and identity crises in independent and freedom-loving countries as well as damaging ties among nations." He said that the era of bullying and aggression by imperialists is over and that human beings are now on the way to greater progress and a better life.”

My turn. Hitler claimed that he was protecting countries from the Russians, that England started both World Wars, and that Germany, Italy and Japan were being kept in poverty and treated dishonorably by the rest of the world.
Ahmadinejad , if he can rally other Islamic countries to “The Cause” by defending Palestine, could make for a long Summer. Look at a map of the world-see the territory Hitler started with, what he claimed and temporarily held-and then look at the Middle East/Islamic countries and tell me who’s whistling past the graveyard.