Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What have you

Well, we’re hoping to see Winter bid us adios for awhile. Soon we should have green grass, in the next month or so; living on the side of a hill, we don’t see flooding as the snows melt, though we usually will have a stream flowing through our basement when Spring finally gets here. But we’re used to it, and I guess it could be Tuesday considered ‘living close to Nature’. It’s hard to complain about ground water when our well only has to go down 16 feet to give us all the water we could ever need. Our neighbors just down the road have to reach down over 200 feet to draw water. Random
I am now in my second week of “iPod withdrawl”-having sent it off to have the battery replaced; checking this morning, it should be shipped back to me today. I’ve been carrying CDs to work again, including the New Living Translation audio Bible, which makes the night go by much better. Thoughts I would never study from it, but the NLT is fine to listen to while at my computer. It certainly beats the office radio‘s ‘Oldies Station’-mis-named, as it plays songs from my youth, and I’m too young yet to be an “Oldie”.
There is a brand new ‘youngster’ on the internet, only a few days old, but it looks quite promising:
Hot Air, created by Michelle Malkin, Allahpundit and others as a video-blogging conservative resource for fun and frivolity. I jumped at the opportunity to garner one of the commenting slots before registration closes. I’d like to be able to comment at Little Green Footballs, but Charles has so many visitors/commentors that he’s had registration closed for quite awhile. But I’m in at Hot Air, which should be a natural for me. Question: Can you find the name of this post?

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