Thursday, April 13, 2006

Reality Free Thursday

No Scripture today, no yammering about the sins of the world. No mention of God beyond the one you are reading at this moment. I’ve decided to take a vacation from reason, a Reality Hiatus, just for a day to see if it’s really as much fun as I’ve heard. Here I GO!

Hhhhmmm. Everything is different.
I finally ‘get’ Al Franken, and consider him my new role model. I’ve already got the look down-middle-aged white guy with glasses, um...not fat-I‘m...stout! Me and Al-just like two peas in an iPod. I think I’ll go make a sign berating the President (not MY President!) for being somewhat ill informed about ...I’m sorry-still new at this...for LYING to ME about why we went to...

Hhhmmmm...What? I don’t know what’s happening! I feel...this is odd! I feel...guilty? But I’m innocent! I’m the victim here! I can’t help that I used to be happy, working hard, at peace with peace with at peace with... myself! That was the yesterday me! HE may have had no conscience showing, so darned happy while there's so much social injustice in the world, But I CAIR! I get IT!
Yeah! Social injustice is Dick Cheney walking around for months without a heart attack! Yeah! Yeah! If I show how caring I am, I don’t have the Middle Class Liberal Well-Intentioned Blues anymore! Yeah!Yeah! Yeah!

Hhhmmmm. I just visited Koz and ordered the new book. As I clicked through from his site instead of just Amazoning, I am a preferred customer (Beaming! Happy!) who scores the special Daily Koz sunglasses-the Rose tint only shows up when you look to the left. Genius!


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