Monday, May 15, 2006

Do The Right Thing

Tonight, the President will be speaking to the nation-and the world-about the issue of ‘illegal aliens’-and I hope he does well. I hope that President Bush and his advisors have heard the discontent coming from conservatives.
We are a nation which survives because we adhere to the principle of the rule of law.
Break the law and face undesirable consequences: if you have stolen, that which you have stolen is taken from you and returned to its rightful owner. If you murder someone, your life is taken from you, your freedom is taken from you-you must pay for breaking our law. And “Our Law” means that the law belongs to and is enforced for every one of us.
The American Dream which the illegal aliens strive for and wish to own will disappear for all of us-All of Us-if we do not punish their breaking of our laws.
Those not bound by laws live in chaos. Enforcing laws keeps the chaos away from our shores.
I know the emotional pleas of those who say that we cannot fault the illegals that lived in poverty, and could have a better life here. I’m a Christian-I know God’s Mercy and Grace are the only things keeping me from Hell. But as a nation, we must turn a deaf ear to those pleas, as Mercy and Grace are not ours to bestow. Breaking the law does not make one right with God, or with the United States of America.

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