Friday, May 12, 2006

I guess I should mention at the outset that I do not drink alcohol or take any mind altering drugs beyond the socially acceptable Coffee and Chocolate. And I’m of sound enough mind to recognize shapes and colors and find my way to work each day, so I can’t claim insanity. Having graduated from college, I COULD claim ignorance, but really, that depends on the college. Mine was like most-you get what you got: put forth effort, learn. Put forth no effort: um...nonlearn?
All of this preamble is building up to the Craziest Idea I’ve had this Week:


Bear with me as I lay out a few dots which, when connected, should create a picture of either a bunny rabbit, or a possible peace plan.

*In the 1950’s and 60’s in America we had a civil rights movement; the instituted racism and bigotry was confronted by those who suffered unjustly in a segregated America. After Abortion, America’s second greatest shame is that race bigotry was accepted as ‘just the way things are’ for even one day. Brave souls marched-and some died-right in the heart of the South, where the segregation and racism had its strongest base. The Freedom Riders and Freedom Marchers sought the enforcement of rights they had been guaranteed as citizens of the United states. And they changed America for the better.

*I believe that Israel would love to be at peace with it’s neighbors, with the entire world. A tiny country the size of New Jersey isn’t going to antagonize anyone, unless it’s very existence antagonizes the Mullah George Wallaces, the Saddam Bull Conners of the world.

*Saudi Arabia has no anti-Semitism problem, as it has no Jews. As with most of the rest of the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia does not allow Jews to enter the country. Call it the White Lunch Counter, or the Front of the Bus.

(Do you see the ears on the bunny yet? A few more dots.)

*Medina and Mecca are so exclusive, no non-Muslim is allowed to enter either city.
Jerusalem, according to the Bible, is the city of the King of Peace-Jesus will someday rule the world from Jerusalem. If Satan has a city of the king of non-Peace, it would be Mecca. Or Medina. Pick your poison.

*Remember the peace loving human shields who went to Iraq before the start of the war? Our picture is nearly complete. Here’s my plan:

Train 10,000 Jews to parachute into Mecca and Medina. They would not be armed, and would not be an occupying force. Instead, they would be a threat which would strike fear into the heart of every bigoted Muslim who should have been confronted hundreds of years ago, shown that his hatred of Jews is not acceptable in this world.
The Muslim would have a dilemma: to spill blood of the Jews in their most holy cities would be unthinkable. The Jews would have transport out-the planes which dropped them would be allowed to land so as to get the Jews out of Saudi Arabia. Sometimes a boil has to be lanced instead of being allowed to fester. The hatred of the Jews is a sickness which needs to be treated and cured. The institutionalized racism and bigotry of Islam against their brothers the Jews, if confronted and denounced, would move the world forward towards the Peace we all wish for. Did you get a bunny instead?

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