Monday, May 08, 2006

General Sada

I was recently given an audio tape from a brother at my church of a presentation given at Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tennessee, by General Georges Sada, a born-again Iraqi general. I invite all of you to listen to his audio or video story here. He has also written a book entitled Saddam's Secrets which can be bought at Amazon. Terry Law, President of World Compassion Ministries, speaks briefly first, so you will need to sit through his section, which is also very interesting, first.

I guess this is not new news, but it was new to me when I heard the tape. He was interviewed on Hannity and Colmes in January, and you can read a partial transcript here. I have also found several blogsites for which you can search if you are interested, that speak about his story since it came out in book form in January. General Sada is currently an advisor to the National Security Council in the newly constituted government of Iraq and Executive Secretary of the Iraqi Institute for Peace. He is Assyrian and became a born again Christian in 1986. His compelling story needs to be corroborated by the pilots, who would appear to still be alive, who transported the weapon of mass destruction, sarin nerve gas, to Syria. I hope some news organization will make the effort to interview these pilots to prove or disprove his claims. General Sada is credited with saving the lives of 31 American pilots, 6 British pilots and several Kawaiti pilots shot down in Iraq in the first Gulf War by refusing an order of Saddam's son Qusay to execute the prisoners of war. This decision eventually resulted in General Sada being put into prison himself. He was awarded the Coventry International Peace Prize in Britain in 2003 for saving the British pilots, and his continuing work to bring peace between factions in Iraq.

Perhaps some day we will have the whole story of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and can put to rest the myth that "Bush lied." I thank God for General Sada and his efforts past and present, and pray that God blesses him abundantly and continues to protect him.


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