Friday, May 19, 2006

Thoughts RanFridaydom

Things I’ve heard, seen or read which cross across my mind today:

Iraqis love Lionel Ritchie. He is a favorite of many in Iraq, and no one knows why, including Ritchie himself. I think he had some great songs, and if they like him, wonderful. They could do a lot worse (Morris Day and the Time).
I think I’ve got Congress figured out, at least as much as a simple computer guy can figure out anything to do with politics: They are passing legislation about illegal aliens which will...alienate most of America. They are acting as if they WANT to be kicked out of office. I think they see a bleak future ahead for the country, and would prefer to be defeated so that their golden parachute of a pension can kick in and they can get out from under. There has to be a tipping point where the life they could have out of office is more appealing than staying. Term limits would be lovely. No one gets to be Prom King or Queen for all of their lives-more capable, strong leaders would be interested in government service if the Senators didn’t have a stranglehold on the few possible slots for a lifetime. And if someone knew going in that they were limited to two terms, after which they would return to the private sector, they might just keep clean, knowing they would have to live under the laws passed on their watch. What would Ted Kennedy do, for example, if he had to learn a living outside of politics? Someone else has his old paper route. The “Inside the Beltway Bubble” would disintegrate if the government had to live with the rest of us. Term limits would make that happen. The argument that term limits take choice away from the voters is half-right. It doesn’t seem to hurt our country that the President has a limit to his term. Choose a Pelosi twice if you want, but then you must choose someone else-fine with me. Taking power away from politicians may be harder than getting a gazelle away from a lion, but the country would be better served by our servants if they could only stay in power for 8 years versus lifetime election. They are supposed to serve us, not us serve them.
I’m having fun commenting over at Hot Air, though with so many different commenters, I kind of get lost in the crowd-but that’s okay.
Ahmadinejad has written to the Pope, after writing to President Bush. I wish I had so much free time-I wonder if he’ll also write to Lionel Ritchie? Iran might love him, too.
But Iran doesn’t seem to love Jews and Christians very much-they want to pass a law establishing a dress code: yellow stripe for Jews on their clothing, blue band for Christians--so that a Muslim will recognize the Jews and Christians and therefore not accidentally brush against them. I know, I know-if you hadn’t read it yet, you think I’m making stuff up again. This law was introduced before Ahmadinejad was placed in office, and has been in committee, but will come up for a vote soon before their “Congress” of Mullahs. The most surprising item to me was that Iran supposedly has 25,000 Jews. That’s 25,000 more than Saudi Arabia. Or United Arab Emirates. Or quite a few other Muslim countries-I’m guessing that the Iranian Jews are leftovers from the Shaw’s reign, which ended back in the 1970’s. Iran was nearly a Western country then, before the Mullahs took over.
On a brighter, happier note, it’s Friday (!) which brings about an end to the workweek, and is looking to be quite beautiful here. I may have to work tomorrow, but until I find out, I’m going to assume that the weekend is here, and I’m happy.
No matter how much the nations rage, no matter how many wars start, or earthquakes, turmoil happen-God is in His Heaven, so all is right with the world. Have a great weekend!

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