Thursday, May 11, 2006

Imagine I’m Pregnant

No, this is Doug, not le writing this. I can’t become pregnant, thanks to God humbling me by making me male, but if I were pregnant, no matter how wonderful the end result, I would, for the next nine months be feeling gravid; aches, pains and sicknesses would be my daily companions-I know not every woman gets sick, but I would- as I grew heavier each day, it would be hard to look at the months ahead with anything less than trepidation.
Now the light begins to dawn.
I hate politics, as much as I enjoy talking about my beliefs. I hate that our country, which is polarized most of the time, becomes Actively, Hysterically, Polarized during an election. It’s like knowing for sure that you’re going to get the measles in five months. Long before election night, I will be ‘sick up and fed’ with the whole business, longing for the days when, if not quietly, at least respectfully we can disagree.
Friends, I can’t promise that I won’t upset any of you during the upcoming election. I, or le, or Allan may make you angry as we stand here on our little Internet soapbox, telling the blogosphere what we believe. I don’t even know if le, Allan and I agree on politics-we’ll find out as we go along.
As Christians, we seek to Glorify God through our lives, and through our writing here on this blog.
May our robes remain spotless as we descend into the Valley of Mudslinging for the next 7 months.
Seven months. {sigh} Lord Jesus, please have mercy on us, and come quickly!

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