Monday, May 22, 2006

Doug's Lost it...Again

To reiterate: I am not crazy.
I have an idea which may sound ridiculous until it is contemplated-then it drops down to merely goofy.
I live in a great Country, which I love.
Here comes the goofyness: We have indefensible borders. I admit it. We’re ready to build a wall, walls, to keep illegal aliens from crossing over on foot. They will still find ways to get in. That is the same for both our Northern and Southern borders. All you need to cross our Northern border is a boat. Or hiking boots.
I propose that we create a new nation, North America, which includes as citizens all Canadians, United States, and Mexican peoples. Forget about remaining divided over indefensible borders. Most Canadians live near the U.S. border. Most Mexicans live in the northern half of Mexico. Erase the existing borders and we are all North Americans. Just a bigger melting pot.
The dreadful standard of living in Mexico would be a thing of the past-all citizens would be able to move, buy land, and create industry within the three sections. Combining the natural resources, economic strength and financial stability of the three countries, we would be a force in the world.
This wouldn’t be a case of the United States taking over the other two, but the combination of three equal partners. We wouldn’t be giving up sovereignty as much as agreeing to expand into one sovereign Nation with a diverse population within more defensible borders. Tundra to the North, Oceans on three sides. Rather than Mexicans/Canadians being at odds with Our policies, we would all be governed by the same laws. With representative government, we would all have the freedoms Americans and Canadians now enjoy, which are sadly lacking in Mexico.
Militarily, we would be more secure, better able to defend ourselves if need be...and it might just be.
North America, the continental Country. Think about it.

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