Saturday, July 15, 2006

2 Benjamins

I’m slow. Once I get into a routine it is usually hard for me to change. I have changed, though, in the past few years, and some of it is actually for the better.
It all started when I set up a Yahoo home page, and was looking for RSS content. Christian Conservative was on the list, and it sounded like my cup of coffee. Michael’s a great guy, and he had a rollikin’ good time going on at the blog. I made some online friends through conversations there, a few enemies, and I took my first misstep on the blogging road. I guess you could liken it to a teenager getting drunk for the first time, or first 50 times. I’ve always been confrontational, and I loved to debate- not just ideas, but politics, beliefs, world events etc. I’ve also been sarcastic, and that’s where I miss-stepped. I was feeding the human side and not the spiritual. Belittling some poor confused liberal, to my shame, made me feel good. Especially as I was good at it, and the targets showed up with some regularity at Michael’s blog. The fact that they made it easy shouldn’t have led me to continue to attack them. I caught myself saying things which I would be too polite to say in person. I think we all get a little bit carried away by the anonymity of the keyboard. I was guilty. With few relapses , for the most part I have changed for the better, and have slain the sarcasm dragon. For now.
Over the past year here at FDW we have had 200 posts. I appreciate le and Allan as friends, and I know that the qualities which they bring to the blog make it much better than any solo effort from me. We may still be blogging when the Lord returns, which, if it happened today, would be WONDERFUL!
But whatever happens, the Lord is in charge, and we will continue to honor Him with our lives.
As we look out our respective windows and see the world going to Hell, remember the two words on the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide: Don’t Panic! Going to a greatly more authoritative source, God tells His people many many times throughout the Bible: Don’t Worry. Don’t Panic. Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Your Father in Heaven is watching over you, and everything will be fine. As it says throughout Psalm 37:Do not fret. (Remember my joke, ‘unless you are a guitar’? Same Psalm.)
Yes, these are frightening times, and it’s going to get a lot scarier before the end. But it all ends better than we could possibly dream. When our Lord Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom, it will be the greatest Blessing the world has ever known since the Creation. And, much like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, we have a ringside seat to the end of mankind’s striving against God, and the beginning of the world living for God. If you're still striving against God, now is the time to get on the right side of His-story. Beautiful for situation.

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