Sunday, July 30, 2006

Idol Lives

Ancient. Islam is ancient, but that does not mean that Islam is true. Lies also have a long life. Allah is god, according to Mohammed. Supposedly the Angel Gabriel came to Mo and gave him the teachings of the Allah. Which is a nice story, but kind of hard to take on faith, as there is no evidence beyond Mohammed’s word. And he was a liar. And a pedophile. And a warmonger.
I wanted to look into just who this Allah was, and what I found is very interesting, at least to me.
A moon god, one of many, named Hubal. There. That’s it-that’s Allah. Goddess would be more accurate, as Hubal was feminine. So now the Feminists can claim Allah as their own. The polytheists of Mohammed’s day worshipped so many gods you needed a scorecard to keep them straight. Mohammed created a new religion by combining many older ones, some of which are noted in the Bible as being idolatrous.
I found many fine sources of information about Allah’s origin, including my own library, but, as I didn’t want to cite a book that isn’t on everyone’s shelves (you know, like the Muslims do every day) instead look at a fine Canadian site:

It isn’t a coincidence that Islam has as one of its symbols a crescent moon. And actually, its a truer symbol of Islam than you may think; a crescent only brings to light a small sliver of the moon or religion-most of the rest is hidden in darkness, and beneath the surface.

Mohammed was well enough versed in Judaism and Christianity to reject their beliefs. He had married a wealthy widow and no longer had to work to survive. Basically, he was the John Kerry of his day.
He had an existential crisis which drove him out into the desert seeking answers which didn’t include God or His Son, Jesus. Which is when he had the alleged meet cute with the Angel Gabriel.

Mohammed rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and those who follow him to this day continue on the same path to Hell that he walked 1400 years ago.

Those who are neither Christian nor Muslim may see this as a clash of religions, as in ‘either side may be right, or they are both wrong‘. That’s why we keep hearing of ‘moral equivalence’ there days.
“We are no better than they are, who are we to say that their religion is wrong?” That doesn’t wash, as Allah, which doesn’t exist, is not the equal of God our Creator, who does. Ignore Allah, and nothing happens to you, unless some Muslim decides you must pay for your sins NOW. Ignore God, and spend Eternity in Hell, separated from God and everything pleasing and good that you have ever known. No Christian will cut your head off, though he may pray for you, asking God to work in your heart to seek Salvation.
I think that, in their hearts, Muslims know that Allah is not God. But to go against the false religion you are born into takes more courage and honest reflection than most are capable of. The Muslims are as touchy about their religion as an alcoholic is about his drinking: They know that it’s killing them, destroying their lives, but they can’t imagine life without it.
I’ll tell you how it feels to find God and leave the false religion behind: Wonderful! Seek God while He may be found. And you’ll find out why Christians lives are full of Blessings while Muslims lives are full of Cursings. Amen.

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