Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hello! Did the World Blow Up Yet?

Right now the World is giving a pretty good imitation of Bedlam. Israel is making a statement as to it’s sovereignty, letting both Lebanon and Gaza terrorists know that Israel has had about enough of the constant sniping and rockets killing their citizens. And they want their captured soldiers back. Most of the world, (beginning with Palestinian “Officials” but with chorus supplied by the UN and usual idiots)-most of the world is shocked (!) Just Shocked (!) at the unmitigated gall of Israel for defending itself!
Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Bashir Assad and Vanessa Redgrave would like nothing more than to see Israel lay down their weapons (Copywrite held by the Democratic Party of the United States), and all Israeli citizenry form lines in the public squares to have their heads chopped off.
I respect Israel’s right to protect itself. And if it’s war, I hope we go in and stand with Israel, our best ally in the Muddled East. Palestinians are cowards. They begin with an unsupportable supposition: that all of Israel is their property. The same UN which President Bush was maligned for not listening to before the Iraq War
established Israel in 1948. Palestinians were offered their own country at the same time, right next to Israel, and rejected the offer out of hand, as it meant sharing air with Jews. They dispossessed themselves! They could have had a country to call their own since 1948; instead, they keep fighting this battle against Reality, and, as always...Reality wins. Israel exists in reality, ‘Palestine’ in the minds of madmen and cowards.
Moving a little to the right, India is having their own 9-11/7-11 moment. I wasn’t jumping too quickly to the conclusion that Islam was involved, as Kashmir has been causing trouble. But today I read that the group probably responsible for the train attacks is being funded by Saudi Arabia and our old Port in a stormdrain, United Arab Emirates. So it is once again Muslims practicing the Religion of Peace.
I hope that India recovers quickly and finds the ones responsible for these cowardly (there’s that word again!) attacks. These weren’t even suicide bombers-grenades were thrown into packed train cars. Cowards.
As some have trouble connecting dots, Both Israel and India are democracies-India being a federal republic.
Meaning that once more people who have no personal freedom are attacking those who do. Palestinians held an election only because they wanted to give credence to their “plight”. They would have been just as happy to continue as terrorists attacking Israel without the encumbrance of having to govern. Let’s face it-Palestinians are not statesmen or diplomats. Savages and liars are more like it. Please don’t comment that plenty of statesmen are liars also-I know. I’m trying to make a point here-don’t bump my elbow.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone stole the idea of making Kim Jong Il a puppet from China. Both puppets have wooden heads. Iran is closely associated with North Korea, and the Mullahs should check their shoulders for strings. You can’t spell Ahmadinejad Albright without having mad in the middle. He’s the puppet of the puppets. If they pull the string in his back he starts with the Hitler talking points about Jews. I hear his Kerry impression kills at parties. What a guy.
Here’s the funny part of the whole mess: the more the world goes mad, the more placid and at peace I become. I care about what happens, and want there to be Peace. We all do. But the more the world erupts into violence, the clearer it becomes that man is incapable in himself of attaining Peace. And a world that ignores God, tries to take Him out of the equation, will NEVER know Peace.
Jesus is the Prince of Peace. That’s one of His titles, and when he establishes His throne in Jerusalem, the world will know Peace. We should all be looking forward to that Day.

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