Sunday, July 16, 2006

Oddvarks and Abcertanties

Today I promise not to drone on about the death cult known as Islam. I’ve said so much about it already that you probably know every point I would try to make. Besides, the rest of the world is a target rich environment.
I have to give some of the other subjects time at the top of the page. Fair isn’t always fair.
While clicking between commercials on the TV dish, I found an ...interesting program on one of the religious channels. I won’t mention the name of the host, as I don’t want to drive traffic anywhere near his site.
He was as far out there in looneytunes dreamland as I have seen. God was mentioned often, Jesus was mentioned oftener...but this guy was not a Christian by any description possible. He was nuts. He had a guest who was telling of being in a trance and seeing a beautiful young girl about 18 years old, who was upset because she had actually been aborted as a fetus, so her destiny was changed from what God intended for her. Did you catch that? God’s Will for her life had been thwarted. God’s Will. Thwarted. Whoah! By their fruitcakiness you shall know them. And the guest was not some wild eyed crazy person, but a personable young man who told his story as matter of factly as if he were recounting a fishing trip or golf game.
It may seem superfluous to mention this, but there are many liars out there deceiving any and all who will listen to them, even each other. Especially each other.
The working equation is: If Christianity (A) is true, then everything else (B) is false. There is no (C). I’ve looked and looked, for a
long time: No (C). (Sorry.)
Back to the equation.
A=True, so B=False. So Wicca is false. And the one I promised not to drone on about at the top of the page. And astrology/horoscopes. B. +B. Buddhism is a B. As is Evolution. That’s actually a B-, as it hardly qualifies as a full B. Voo-doo is a B, as are all the fetish magic cults. And Mother Gaea type beliefs have a whole honeycomb of B’s. Druidism, Kabalah, altered reality/ufo faiths: a bucket full of B’s.
Emperor/ancestral worship are big B’s. Communism and every man made religion are sad little B’s.
Those saddest of the sad are those who have as a belief the idea that any or all of these mentioned here are equally as valid as (A). That Christianity is just one more guess in a universe without concrete answers.
That faith in Jesus Christ is no different than faith in an oak tree or a sunset.
And I can understand the appeal of such an idea: if Jesus isn’t God, no sin exists which we must repent from. No sin, No repentance, No Death, No consequences. That would be great, except it isn’t true. There are consequences. Jesus is God; He did what we never could: He became our sin sacrifice to restore us to the state of: No Sin No Death No Consequences. And He did that because He loves us. Go figure.

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