Friday, June 08, 2007

Doug Faints

Al Gore For President (Of Assumia)!

Actually, I can’t fault Al Gore for wanting to save the environment-we all want the world to be a better, cleaner, more pleasant place. We have done much good in America to make the world better-recycling programs, improvements in machinery; computers have saved more trees than Smokey the Bear. But the world is still being savaged and polluted by those who do not care about the Environment. They re-create in their areas the pollution of sin which is within them. They foul their own nests, so to speak, and then complain about the mess.
But that’s a subject for another post. As he is the most prominent of the ‘Assumers to the Environmental throne’, I have a few questions for Albert Gore:

Doug: “Al, do you believe in God, the God of the Bible?”
Al: “Yes I do.”
(If he were to answer yes, I would ask Al if he trusts that God is Sovereign over all of Creation. If Al answers yes to that, I would ask Mr. Gore for evidence to back up his belief, as it is impossible to tell from his actions that he believes in God at all. And I would suggest that if he does accept that God is Sovereign, petitioning Him on behalf of the Environment should be first on his agenda, as God can do what man cannot.)


Doug: “Al, do you believe in God, the God of the Bible?”
Al: “No I don’t.”

An honest politician. Doug faints.

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