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If the Wind(ow) Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

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“Thus his (Socrates) chief contributions lie not in the construction of an elaborate system but in clearing away the false common beliefs and in leading men to an awareness of their own ignorance, from which position they may begin to discover the truth. Socrates's contribution, then, was primarily the negative one of exposing fallacies, but equally important was the magnetism of his personality and the effect which he had on the people he met.”

I’m no Socrates, and I have the magnetism of a rubber ball, but…
Here’s the translation:

“Long post. People Catostrophate by their Assumity, which they mistake for Reality.
{Boy, do they ever! It’s like there’s a little box somewhere shaped like a human heart which generates Assumptions and alternatives to Reality. The Sophists of Socrates’ time
would teach you anything to make a buck. The Truth cost extra.
People today will cling to any false assumption rather than face Reality-their psyche is too fragile- “You can’t handle the truth!” -so they find it more comfortable to live in a mock up of Reality, an ‘Assumity’ where their assumptions are all the ‘real’ they need.
They are the great grand children of the Sophists-Absolute truth is impossible, so any truth, any belief is equally valid. Here’s an example:
“You choose to believe in God, and that’s fine for you, but I believe differently.”
Does God cease to exist if people don’t believe in Him? Or is He real only for Christians?
What that person is saying is: “I don’t believe your God exists, and you do. My assumption is good enough, is as equally valid as yours. Because who can know for sure?
As Pilate asked Christ: “What is Truth?” John 18:38 Truth was staring him right in the face.
Indulging in assumptions wouldn’t matter a bit if there were no consequences. But there are: Catastrophe, which I…please forgive me for writing this…Catastrophe, which I…verbalized. (I’m sorry!)}

The Assurity of their gullibitizing, compounding their confundities,
{Call it what it is-a Con. Con is short for Confidence, as in: Confidence Man. I’ve known a few in my time, and they can indeed compound the confundities of the gullible by seeming so assured, so confident of the outrageous claims they speak into existence.
Please forgive the metastizing of another verb-gullibitizing would be ‘proselytizing’ the gullible into believing in your Assumity.}

makes short work of a long draying.
{Meaning that those who live by assumptions rather than Reality who seem confident in their Assumity don’t have to work very hard at their gullibitizing; those who may be open to becoming gullibitized have been conditioned by the world system (Kosmos) to reject the Reality of God, so they are accepting of any foolishness coming out of the mouths of those also rejecting God.} Meaning that by their pull each other into the pit
they mistake for a mountain.
{I admit it. Guilty. There’s a literary ‘trick’ where you edit two or three words out of a sentence so that it almost but does not quite make sense. Usually someone will read the sentence more than twice trying to guess the missing words; in this case:
Meaning that by their confident assumptions they pull each other into the pit
they mistake for a mountain. Pit for a mountain-where they think they are making progress, gaining, moving forward and climbing higher…they actually are tossing themselves into a pit. Catastrophe.} Man, I love brownies!

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