Monday, June 25, 2007

Judicial Schizophrenia

I’m sorry-I will make this very brief. But I have to ask these few questions, and I’m hoping that our left leaning friends can help me out.

We have another terrible tragedy, this time on Ohio, which seems to echo the Scott/Lacey Peterson case of a few years ago.
As most of us who have Tvs know, a young pregnant woman, Jessie Davis, was found murdered. The father of her child, Bobby Cutts jr, has been arrested.
Like Scott Peterson, Cutts has been charged with two murders-of Davis and her unborn daughter.
How can this be? If a fetus is not a person, who can be charged with murdering her ? (I know, I know-I’m supposed to say ‘it’, but the gender of “it” is already known. And I believe that an unborn person is indeed a person, so…)
Peterson was convicted of two separate murders. Cutts, if found guilty, will also be convicted of two murders.
Isn’t this Judicial Schizophrenia? If it is not a crime to abort a fetus, how is it that these men are charged with murder? And if they are guilty of murder, how is a doctor who performs abortions innocent?
Help me out here, Jake. Or anyone else who thinks they know the answer.

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