Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ooh...My Aching Back

A fine example of suspicious and extravagant use of your tax dollars. Take a look here. More at Dr. Coburn's website (Republican U.S. Senator for Oklahama) .

Besides detailing the CDC's questionable international junkets and out-of-control lavishly equipped fitness centers, his report also includes:
"A detailed graph showing CDC’s yearly budget from 1995-2007, which has increased by more than 350% (pg. 7); and
A chart showing yearly CDC’s HIV/AIDS funding from 2001-2007, which has more than doubled during that time (pg. 115)."

Despite very little demonstrable improvement in disease control.

My question: How do I get my bosses to provide me with a zero gravity chair? Perhaps I should try the "my morale needs boosting" strategy. Hmmm...


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