Friday, October 16, 2009

Background: Where I’m At

A couple of long time agos I discovered the stinker masquerading as Sean Hannity-before you start cheering my sanity, I think he’s too middle of the road, too too accommodating of Liberal ideas and idealists. He may have to pander to his buddies like Bob Beckel, but I don’t. I don’t have to make nice with the opposing party to fill broadcast hours and, though I admire Capitalism, I think Hannity is only driven by greed. Both for money and *stardom*.
I like Mark Levin; he’s the vociferous in your face thinker/broadcaster that Hannity wishes he were.
But I can only take Levin in small doses.
I had a subscription to Rush Limbaigh’s pod cast which I let run out. I like Rush just fine, but even he tires out my ears-I found that the pod casts were filling up my iPod unlistened to.
So, where am I? I have no great affection for or loyalty to the Republican Party, as they stuck us with the worst possible candidate last time, and probably the next few times ahead.
Washington D.C. corrupts absolutely. Without term limits, there is no whip in the hand of Americans to make the Beast behave. How many innocent do-gooders have come to Washington broke as churchmouses but now are as rich as Popes?
Here is my HOPE: when Christ returns, (and may it be soonerer than laterer!) He will cast all liars into the outer darkness. I daresay that Washington D. C. is going to be a ghost town, tumbleweeds rolling up Pennsylvania Avenue. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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