Monday, October 26, 2009

Faith Is Fine, But…

If you refuse to accept the impossible as possible, you’re on your way to quiet.
Here-two examples: let’s call them Vern and John.
Vern is an adult, mid-twenties, who was born into a church denomination which he still attends.
John has pinballed between religions, looking for Salvation in many dark corners.
Which one stands a better chance of becoming a Christian?
If you say Vern, as he already is one…no soup for you!
While Vern is comfortable in the religion he grew up in, he will never seek to become a Christian because his church has taught him that he is a Christian. He doesn’t think he needs Salvation, as he has already acquired it.
John, on the other hand, is not satisfied yet, has no such quiet in his soul. He knows he is a sinner, but is stuck in the reason/logic vs. faith conundrum.
The doors of Heaven will never be opened by logic or reason (or church membership), as those are part of man’s attempt to explain existence. If it were possible to win Salvation through reason/logic, then Christ wouldn’t have had to die for sinners, as they could argue their way into Heaven.
You can find Verns and Johns in the New Testament-Vern is a type of Pharisee whose religion has told him that he is just and right before God, irregardless of whether his heart is filled with sin.
John is still looking for someone to take his sin away.
If you refuse the impossible idea that man can earn, argue, reason his way into Heaven…you are on your way to the quiet Peace which God gives to His children. God only allows Himself to be discovered through Faith.

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