Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is The Pope Catholic?

Something out of the ordinate-ary: Pope Benny kicking open the doors to the Catholic Church, inviting Anglicans to (re)join the Mother church they so foolishly left in 1534 when “H’nry th’ ait” kicked those doors shut.
So now, with the Anglican Church split over the issue of acceptance/ordination of homosexuals, Pope Benny and the powers that be in Popery have seized upon the opportunity to proselytize.

“Come unto us, all who are weary of a church which accepts homosexuals as priests!”
“Anglican priests who join us get to keep their wives! AND get HUGE discounts at Costco and Sears!”
“Ye Anglicans were led away from the Mother Church by the lusts of one man. All is forgiven! Come home! Come HOME!”

You see, here’s the rub in the rubbish: either the Pope is Catholic, meaning that he is the head of the CHURCH, which is populated by all who have faith in God, what/which/however they may attend other denominations…or he ain’t.
I have faith in God. According to the doctrines of the Catholic (universal) church, I actually belong to them.
The fact that Catholics used to burn us Baptists as heretics notwithstanding, I am considered a misguided soul who doesn’t know that he is part of the universal church.
Sorry, Benny. Anglicans returning to your roost are simply trading one tyrant for another. You are no more the Head of the CHURCH than I am.
I now offer, in this space, (which is read by up to nearly three people on any given day), my own WELCOME to dissatisfied Anglicans who are looking for a new church home.
If trading up, please consider Baptist. Our Baptist Distinctives all fit on one page, unlike the edicts and pronouncements of the unholy Catholic Church. And we guarantee: NO Transubstantiation! Well Come home!

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