Friday, October 09, 2009

Looking For The Onion Label

The Incred is ulous. When I read that President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize, I thought that “The Onion” was getting off another Beau Geste at his expense-something along the lines of: “President Obama stops fight between daughters over toy, wins Nobel prize.”
So, in the tenth month of his presidency…without ending any wars…without achieving peace even in his own country…without gaining a single international agreement among a coalition of the willing or unwilling…Obama gets a Peace Prize.
President Bush led a coalition of countries which toppled two despotic regimes- through his leadership WE established and protected human rights, including the right of self determination, democracy, for millions of souls.
But President Bush doesn’t need a gold badge from a private foundation. His accomplishments are honor enough.
I know that others are treading this same ground, so I’ll leave off with this: President Obama can be honored by every yayhoo outfit from here to Alpha Centauri. I don’t care. He’s been a failure since before he even took office, and he is not leading this country into anything but chaos. We are in much worse shape as a nation because of his bungling of both the economy and international diplomacy.
But this country is greater than any one man or political party-we survived Clinton, we’ll get through this one term failure.

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