Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Before Abraham Was, I Am

Enough with the politics already! Part of why I never go whole-heartedly into Politico mode is I get tired of it all very quickly. I'll vote my conscience, same as you.
If you look to the right at my miniscule 'Blog List' you will see listed John Mac Arthur's site, "Grace To You".
I am just beginning a sermon series of Mac Arthur's detailing Christ in the Old Testament. Good food for the soul, friends. 
I hear many sermons/ read articles/ web posts about how to be a better Christian; those are fine, and necessary...but it's not all about us-we are to learn more of Christ, and I'm certain that this audio series will be of great benefit to those who have ears to hear. 
I must plug iTunes again-having an iPod and the iTunes store brimming full of good content such as Mac Arthur's podcasts makes my work nights flow much easier. I'm on my third or fourth iPod, and may possibly be getting an iMac in a few months.
Back to the post-Jesus Christ is all through the O.T.; not on every single page, but as Mac Arthur points out in the first sermon, knowing Christ from the New Testament helps us to recognize Him in the Old.
When He said in John chapter 8 that 'before Abraham was, I Am' He was stating that He is eternal, always here (and the Creator of 'here'). Good News indeed!
If you want to be blessed, check out Grace To You, look for any sermon series and start reading. It can't hurt!


Doug said...

As usual, I leave an opening comment so as to get ball rolling, though I notice that my Christian posts don't get the play that the political ones do-which is fine.
The picture at the top of the page is from 1978 when I, as a lowly deckhand, entered enemy territory (Snipe Country). Supposedly Deck and Engineers got along as famously as Repubs and Dems...but I had friends back there, so I was allowed to enter without fear of abuse.
There was abuse, however, due to my not 'fitting in' with the rest of the crew in one respect: I was a non-drinker way before I became a Christian, and that put me at odds with most of my shipmates.
I would go to bars with them, party off of side roads out in the woods, explore new towns where we would dock and seek out friendly (cheap) bars...but I never drank alcohol.
Remember-if you went to college, the Freshman year was the 'liquid year' when being out from under a parent's roof meant discovering life through intoxication-in the service, that is amped up by generations of drinkers being locked together on board ship.
I had a friend, Nate, who almost ended up in a Danish prison for stealing a car in Greenland "to make it back to the ship". Luckily he was drunk, not larcenous (also-it was Greenland. There was no where to take a car. No. Where.)
I encourage you to look at Mac Arthur's site, and to look for Christ in the Old Testament-it owuld be time well spent.

Doug said...

Not to double down, but i just saw this:

This is another reason why I left Pentecostal churches years back-they believe some nutty stuff.