Friday, May 11, 2012

High Class Blast From The Past

Take dos. Somehow blogspot dropped my post-as I was saying: a bummer-when I was digging into the archives-the posts from my first year of Fine Dry Wit evaporated when I had to change some things back in the day.
I had planned to dig up fun stuff from the 2004 Presidential olympics-John Kerry, champion of the working class vs George Bush, champion of all Americans.
Kerry was hardly Presidential, and the argument that "At least he isn't George Bush!" didn't sway enough voters to install him in the White House (which would have been the smallest mansion he had ever lived in)-the White House isn't even equal to a carriage house on any of his estates. But he was willing to slum it for four years. Ever notice that after he lost the election, he seems to have disappeared back into the woodwork of the Heinz mansion? 
It's funny-I may re-purpose that old argument for this year's contest with Romney: "At least he isn't Obama!"
I may also borrow a bumper sticker was prevalent during the Bush era: "I love my Country but fear my Government".
I found the picture above from a post back in 2005. Although FDW will never set the world afire, I have had a lot of fun in the past eight years, and if I don't amuse anyone else, I still am my biggest fan.
President Obama surprised me yesterday: at the massive Hollywood fundraiser hosted by George Clooney President Obama didn't make an economic speech or cut the ribbon for a new abortion clinic so as to write off the California trip as 'Presidential Business'.
It's estimated that he added 15 million dollars to his (already huuuuuuuuuuuge) war chest so that he can buy ads to badmouth Republicans. And spread the word about his taking out Osama. And Gay marriage. Then more Osama. ANYTHING BUT THE ECONOMY! Shhhhh!
Prediction time: Romney wins in a landslide, Republicans take back Congress, the few Dems left will offer to help dismantle Obamacare to show their willingness to do ANYTHING to save their flea bitten hides.
"It was like a fever dream-we didn't know what we were doing-Obama tricked us into going along with his schemes!"
The problem with the prediction thing is I've been wrong before-I was confident that the American populace would never vote to put Obama IN office. When McCain won the Republican nom I was almost sick to my intestines-he was nearly to the Left of Obama! But I held my nose and voted.
This time I will vote for Romney and whoever he adds to the ticket. He could choose Hilary Clinton and I'd still vote for him versus Obama. See you on the other side.

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Doug said...

President Obama is drawing crowds smaller than those who cheered him on in 2008.
It may be early, and I assume that the flacks will start working harder to get the electorate energized.
I still think President Obama would do well to drop Biden-have him beg off for 'family reasons'...or for no reason-people don't care about the veep.
Obama could use some help from a new running mate, possibly...George Clooney? Would that win him some votes?
I bet he's get more votes than Biden could deliver. You saw it here first.