Monday, May 07, 2012

Handspan But Dust

Handspan. A morning mist which quickly burns away. 
This past week has had (in my opinion, which means nothing) too many reminders that we are momentary beings, short timers on this side of Eternity. 
We may live forever, but during our time here...we are here. And that means something.
God in His wisdom decides the number of our days, and we are powerless to extend or cut short our individual allotment. 
Here's our humanness in simple: it hurts to see the young die more than the old. When we see a young life ended, we feel that potential wasn't achieved, that more life was owed to that young one.
But that isn't so-no one is owed Life. 
Life is a gift from God-if it were owed to us, it wouldn't be a gift, but something somehow earned. 
Thank God for your life.


Doug said...

I know that this is a more somber post than usual-in the past week there have been four lives ended which are fresh in my mind.
Three of those who died were teenagers; the fourth a lady who had lived much longer, her final years filled with sickness and pain.
Just a handspan. Just a few fleeting moments compared to eternity.
We cannot fault God for not giving us 'enough' of a lifetime to do all that we (selfishly) want to achieve.
I will live forever with the better part of life coming after this present world of tears. But now is now, and while I am here, I will Praise God for all of His Blessings.
May God extend His Grace to you also.

James said...

I used to think there was something "unjust" about an early death. I'm not so sure, anymore. Is it good to live to be 110 but to have to endure ever-declining health and mental faculties and be discarded by a society that values only youthful energy and beauty?

Life sucks at either end. Whether 10 or 110, we'll have to depend on others. Despite its hardships, there's also Rachmaninoff and Bach, good wine, the sound of loved ones laughing over a joke at dinner.

To paraphrase Woody Allen: "Life is filled with misery and sorrow. And it's all over MUCH too soon".