Monday, May 28, 2012

Planting Garlic By Moonlight

Or, if I don't shake this stick just so, God will smite me.
If you haven't yet enjoyed the TV show "Destination Truth" I encourage you to check it out.
A few fun facts about the show:
A: The host, Josh Gates, is crazy.
B. His merry crew of adventurers often get hurt.
C. They go all over the world checking out myths and legendary creatures.
D. The show is addicting.

It's interesting that wherever they go around the globe, in chasing monsters they come up against
local customs and religions which are are universal:
Some old Shaman (or Sha-woman)  will pronounce (through interpreters):
"You must DO this (whatever this is: say a prayer, light a candle, gather weeds from a volcano, etc)
in order to be protected against the ____________."
Or to keep the local god from killing you.
Or to have fair haired children. Or...
You get the idea-Gates and crew dance to whatever music the local wizened man or woman plays.
They will solemnly recite prayers and oaths, walk backwards through doorways, wear paint or ridiculous hats-whatever it takes to go look for the local monster. 
They also will eat spiders or octopus lice salad or anything else that is put in front of them by the natives.
Sometimes they even keep the food down!
It's a paranormal travelogue. It's a mystery show. It's a blast.
It's also interesting to see lands and peoples far removed from our daily reality. Though Nike and Lakers shirts seem to be worn by indigenous peoples throughout the world.
Do they find creatures? Not so much. But the efforts they make to seek them out- rappelling down cliffs, jet skiing into sea caves, hiking through jungles-it makes for great TV.

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Doug said...

I think it's fascinating to learn about other cultures/peoples/religions.
I know God, and also know that the false religions worship those who are NOT God.
Religion is the same, from Bora Bora to Tipignu. It's all darkness and wandering in superstition.
It's also generational-"we believe this because our parents believed this because their parents..."
Isn't that the same reasons some people remain Democrats or Republicans? Because we've always done it this way?
I grew up in a Democrat house; my politics changed when I became a Christian and saw the differences between the parties.
One of the first world events after I became a Christian was President Reagan being shot.
I mentioned it to a fellow sailor and he said, "Yeah, but the _________ missed!"
I knew instantly that his politics (and humanity) didn't match up with mine.