Friday, May 04, 2012

With All Due Respect...

Ah, the joys of leaving work for the weekend! I have a little extra time, so here I put in pixels something that has been kicking around in my head for awhile. My 'facts' may not be more than opinion, but I am always an expert on things which are a matter of (my) opinion.
Before you start hyper-mental-ating over my possibly calling President Obama Hitler, please. I'm not that much of a hack to go where so many Liberals have already trod with their tired "BushHitler" routine.
Totally different men, folks: President Obama is NOT Hitler!
But they do have a few things in common:
Both were/are heads of governments, having risen to power by dividing populaces, using class warfare to disunite the populations.
Both Barry and Dolph considered the lower classes to be victims of the "Ruling Class".
Both considered the country they lived in to be 'unfair' and in need of CHANGE.
Both identified those who disagreed with them to be enemies of the State (or the State that they wished to bring into existence).
Both wrote autobiographies before they had actually accomplished much-in both cases, the books were written to serve a future cause. Dolph wrote of his struggle while being imprisoned for being a community organizer who went just a little too far in a beer hall (Oh, those Crazy Austrians!). He would fit in just fine today with Occupy Wall Street.
Dolph loved dogs... and Barry ate them.
Both were/are ideologues who could not be swayed from their agenda. Barry will not be won over to any other point of view-it's his way or nothing.
Both Dolph and Barry were, however, great at "Con-promise"-they would/will say anything, promise anything to get what they want...and then forget both the lie and the lie-ee once their purpose has been accomplished.
You may notice in the pixels above that the boys have playmates who mirror each other quite dis-favorably:
Axelrod and Himmler, or: Dave and Heine. Both were/are masters of propaganda/dirty political tricks/smirking like weasels. 
I didn't want to go too far in this post, so I've left out the Goering/Biden and Heydrich/Eric Holder comparisons. But they are there if you want to look for them.
Back to Dolph and Barry, or, to be fair, Soetoro and Schicklgruber. Adolph's father (Alois) changed his name to Hitler to be more closely associated with the man, Hiedler, that his mother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber, had married.
Of course, Barry's story was totally different. He was born an Obama, and only became a Soetoro when his mother remarried. So there.
There are more similarities, but your eyes are probably tired by now. See you in the funny papers.

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Doug said...

Stop reading if you've had enough with the comparisons between President Obama and Chancellor Hitler.
Remember a few years ago when President Obama "Nationalized" General Motors? He basically gave control of the company to the workers, the UAW.
Not so with Adolph-he only nationalized the auto industry in Germany and demanded that a car be made for the common people, the underclass, the German folks (Volkswagen-the people's car).
Of course the first Volkswagens to roll off the assembly line went to the power elites the Third Reich.
Here's a co-incidence for you:
About twelve years ago I bought a Volkswagen (are you sitting down?)from a Goering. She is a great grand niece of old Herman, though now that she's married I'm sure she doesn't mind losing the Goering.
In 2010 some friends were helping clear junk cars from our property, and I gave the car to a young mechanic in the group who fixed it up and sold it. They are good folks.
Remember-Hitler is NOT Obama!
Hitler tried to rule the world-I don't know what President Obama will do for an encore after losing in 2012-Move to Canada and run for Prime Minister? At least then (according to the map) he would always be able, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia,look down on America.