Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Exorcise In Futility

An Exorcise In Futility, or: Give it up, you crazy exorcists, you!
You know the drill-the world is rosy, all is calm and fine, then some innocent child falls prey to a demon- the bed starts shaking, pea soup is projectalized, and the kid's head turns 360*. On a good day.
I haven't bashed the Catholic church for awhile, so let me start by declaring that it is ridiculous that the Cultic Empire called Catholicism supposedly has the 'experts' in Exorcism working for them. 

Another nope for these young ladies who have made the 'news' lately. Their Dad, Bob Larson, has been pitching them to star in a Reality TV series as they go about their Demon evicting work. Triple nope.
Here's the thing-the exorcist of "The Exorcist", Father Merrin, coming from darkness has no ability to banish darkness. He's just a fictional character, of course, but the Father Merrins of the Catholic church can't exorcise anything. Spouting Latin at a demon infested child does nothing for the child and nothing to the demon. The book and movie are pure Catholic fantasy-Catholics WISH that their faith could move mountains or face down fallen angels!
Conversely, these misguided young ladies, who apparently are graduates of their father's "International School of Exorcism" (which promises that YOU can learn to be an!) have as much chance of actually ridding someone of a demon as they do of winning an Emmy. Not going to happen.
Side note: some thirty years ago my church youth group attended a lecture by Bob Larson about the Devil in rock and roll. He was against it. I accept that the world's music is not going to honor God. But I would rather listen to some of the "Devil's music" than the trash being perpetrated on Christians in the name of Christ-there's much deviltry in that stuff, also.
End of side note.
I say all of this to establish that we generally understand the idea of Exorcism: driving a demon out of someone, banishing said demon to some elsewhere, saving the innocent from evil.
Please listen (read) carefully this next part.
This 'cosmos', this world culture in which we exist acts as "Oppo-Exorcists". Rather than driving a devil out of an innocent, this cosmos is hell-bent on driving the Holy Spirit out of it's sphere of influence.
It (the world culture) would love nothing more than to drive out, to exorcise the Holy Spirit. Where is the Holy Spirit found? In Christians. How does the world treat Christians? Poorly. We are shunned, shouted down in public discourse, mocked and ridiculed for our faith in God.
If not for our faith in God, we would be embraced and loved as fellow citizens in Darkness. Belonging to Christ is the only black mark against us.
Praise God for that black mark!
It is futile to think that Christians can be freed from the Holy Spirit inhabiting us. God is the One Who promised to indwell us with the Holy Spirit as a foretaste of Heaven.
So go ahead, cosmos. Reject and shun all you like. The more you ridicule us, all the more we pray for you, that you will be delivered from this world of Darkness. May God drive out all demons in this current age; in the future, during Christ's reign on earth and into Eternity there will be no exorcists or demons to pester us.



Doug said...

I couldn't help myself, but I wouldn't say that the devil made me (do it) put together scenes from "The Exorcist" and "Roller Boogie".
You see, in the first pic the devil is lifting up Linda Blair; in the second,she's being uplifted by Jim Bray, who may not have been an actor, but man, could he skate!
As for Bob Larson and his Larsonettes
who purport to be able to drive out devils...quadruple nope. Con artistes el supremo. A blight on Christianity which I would love to see driven from our ranks. I have no love for those who would make merchandise of our faith.
I also have no fear of demons-true Christians fear nothing and no one, even fallen angels.
Have an exceptional day-I should be sleeping right now, but sometimes I have to write out what I compose in my head.

James said...

Bob Larson has a long history of scandals.

I used to listen to his radio shows as a form of masochism, I think. He's a weird bird. Oddly, though, I think he believes his own nonsense.

Doug said...

The ability to make you believe that he believes....the con in con artist stands for convincing.
I've met a few in my time-and I haven't been fleeced yet, except for one VERY convincing girl who sold me an Apple computer. I was only out a few bucks, but it was a good lesson.

Moe said...

First off , only one of the trio is Bob Larson's daughter. The other two are Stepford daughter look alikes from a couple in Larson's cult.

Secondly Larson is not catholic, though he recently tries to give the impression he is by wearing the clerical collar and the crucifix. In fact, his ministry degree is by mail order diploma mill and he is a college drop out. What is current exploitation scam (and he has had a few) is is called "deliverance ministry", a Protestant Charismatic sect that started in 1973 pretty soon after the move " The Exorcist" came out.

Thirdly the proposed "TV reality" series "teen exorcists" he's trying to sell ( unsuccessfully, I may add) is a front for him to advertise on "major TV" his newly formed " Bob Larson International School of Exorcism" where the suckers can pay classes to get one of three associate degrees in exorcism-- none accredited by any legitimate higher education, so forget about tranferring credits.

And oh yes, the cross the girls and Larson thrust around like bad actors can be yours for $100 each, " personally blessed" by Bob Larson.

Doug said...

Welcome Moe-you seem to have checked out Larson more than I care to-I'm thinking that you might be Catholic, what with the "Protestant Charismatic" thing. Christians don't usually talk like that, but we are in agreement about Larson and his "Larson-ey" schtick.

Lucia said...

The con in con artist is actually short for confidence, because he hopes to gain yours.

Doug said...

Poetic license, Lu-I knew that 'con' usually stands for confidence, but I was trying to say it differently.
Convince or confide, it's all the same whether we're talking grifters or flim flam men (to note two movies about such cheats).
Just a side issue-the main point is that I have no problem pointing at Larson (who purportedly is my Christian brother) and calling him a cheat and a black mark on Christianity. I don't like hucksterism, snake oil salesmen,or rip off artists, especially when they purport to be Christian.
Most of the religious TV channels are filled with that garbage; I don't listen to Christian radio either.

moe said...

Doug, no I am not Catholic. Pagan/Wiccan. But I haver been a long time observer and commentator online about McExorcist. I could mention that some years ago when he had his radio show "talk back with bob larson" (and yes he loves to promote himself at every opportunity) he would "exorcise" callers live on the air-- while not violating FCC rules or the simple concept of the "demon" hanging up the phone.

He is a piece of work. Look up ken smith's stuff for a sampling of how crappy Larson is. BL btw doesn't like yours truly very much, as his usenet sock "kensmithiscool" repeatedly accuses me of being an obsessed stalker whon, among other bizarrely amusing claim, "masturbates" witb a photo of bob larson.

moe said...

Doug, as for larson being a Christian, bear in mind his father was a Christian minister and after BL's failed attempt to be a rock star, he became, as he called it then, a "traveling evangelist". One of the many things about this con man is that while he had his draft card in his wallet, the coward did not serve one day in the military. Later during the Clinton years he ranted about how the military should be Christian only. In his "demon proofing prayers" book, this chickenhawk has the utter gall to portray himself as a general in the "spiritual warfare army". I've asked the question if BL was in fact the devout Christian and patriotic American in the sixties as he pretends to be now, why didn't he serve in Viet Nam.

Larson imo PRETENDS to be Christian as part of his act to the public. If he ever was one, he is not one now legitimately and hasn't been a "real Christian" for some time now, imho.