Sunday, July 01, 2012

How Is This For An Idea?

Sure, it's a crazy idea, but it might be fun.
Obviously, there is a LOT of dispute about Obamacare, whether it should be fully implemented, or run out of town on a rail.
It barely won in Congress by using trickery, deceit, arm-twisting and that special procedure which allows a bill to be passed with less than the usual number of votes-don't remember the name of it, but anyway...
the Legislative branch has spoken. The Judicial branch has spoken. The Executive branch has spoken, getting in one or two digs at George Bush in the process.
Process. That's the word. As this Obamathingie is going to affect all citizens, hows a bout we put it on the ballot in November?
Yes to keep or no to scuttle. Let the citizens speak. If it's all that greatly desired by the populace, it will win in a landslide, and I will shut up about it.
If it ISN'T the choice of the majority of the people, it should be done away with.
Sure, our representatives in Congress are supposed to be our voice. But to hear us, they would have to listen.
It isn't too late to be added to the ballot-we haven't even had our Conventions yet. Hillary might make a play for the Top Spot yet. Running mates TBD (Biden again? Really?)
Let's put it to a vote! See you on the sunny side of the street.

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Doug said...

Hey, maybe we could get term limits on this ballot also! That would help a lot with that 'governing against the will of the people thing'.
If they knew that they only had two terms and out, they might listen to their constituents a little more respectfully.
A guy can dream, right?
I would pick Paul Ryan for Romney's Veep. And put him in charge of restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington.
President Obama's doing so poorly that even McCain could beat him this time! (forget I said that-perish the thought!)