Monday, July 16, 2012

You Wanna Play Movies, Mr President? All Righty!

Just to show how weak and desperate the Obama Campaign has become, they are attempting to make political hay into political gold with the new Batman movie coming out which has as the main villain "Bane"
(Sounds like Bain, doesn't it? As in Romney/Bain!).
To me, that is weak. What next? Find out what type of shoes Romney wears, and mock the brand?
So, Mr. President Big Shot Obama wants to play "Gotcha" with movies. That's right in my wheelhouse, friends!
Our good buddy Meat Loaf, pictured above, is doing his "Thor" imitation in a little movie called
If it doesn't ring any bells, that's okay-I'll link to the wiki in the comments.
In a nutty shell, "Americathon" tells the story of a bankrupt United States-one where we have run out of both money and oil...and those organizations (NIKE?) and foreign governments holding our debt (China?) want to get paid. NOW.
President Chet Roosevelt (John Ritter) knows he's up against it, and no joke-the USA is busted flat from Baton Rouge to Kipnuk. 
What to do? How about...stage a TELETHON? It's worked for Jerry Lewis and MDA!
A National Song and Dance and pass the hat.
You know, I would prefer that over being taxed back to the Stone Age.


Doug said...

as promised:

do you get the idea that all of the stuff that the Obama Re-election campaign has thrown at Romney has missed its mark?
Romney seems unfazed by all the clamor and mud-I think he sees Victory ahead, and Obama knows that his policies have made him unpopular.
Who will win? I have no idea. But I would prefer Romney and a return to fiscal responsibility.
Kipnuk is in Alaska, bye the way.

Lucia said...

Wow, a Janis Joplin reference.

Doug said...

Janis or Kris Kristofferson.
And Kipnuk...back decades ago, one of my favorite high school teachers
left here to teach in Kipnuk.
I missed the movie point about the "Americathon" President reaching out to Hollywood to fix the country, much like President Obama telling the Hollywood hoi polloi that they were the ones to look to for our future.
According to the Wiki, Jay Leno is in the movie, which is a comedy. He isn't funny.
He's never been funny.
He and Lettermen are the tag team duo of not funny.