Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Which Hell?

Hold on there, funny guy. I hope you aren't making fun of hippies. That's a line that shouldn't ever be crossed, even in jest.
You look young enough-did it occur to you that your own MOTHER might have been a hippy?
Would you mock your Mother's belief in auras? That would make for an uncomfortable family visit on the Summer solstice, even with Jupiter ascending. 
C'mon, man-show some respect! Even if you don't believe in auras (as is obvious) why not let people who think they can see them enjoy Life? 
How small your aura must be....and full of cockroaches.

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Doug said...

Sometimes I have too much fun on the internets.
A decade and a half ago I met up with a hippy and her teenaged son Clay who fully believed in astrology, horoscopes.
I went the route of numbers to show him the folly:
1/365th of the world's population share his birthday. Of that group possibly millions of people share his hour and moment of birth.
Those millions-do they have the same life as he does? If so, that would be amazing proof that Astrology is true.
I also noted to him that Astrology
was based on the idea that we on this earth are the center of the Universe...which turns out to be not quite true.
His mother's response?
"Thanks for destroying his faith in Astrology, Doug."
She wasn't pleased.
How can you please a hippy?
Go without bathing for a few weeks.
Bye the bye, the local health food store run by (you guessed it!)has pictures up at the entrance of their hive/workers. Supermodels look stuffed compared to them. They leave the windows closed so that they don't get whipped around by the wind.