Monday, July 30, 2012

India Inc

Oh boy- I just read the news of India- a power outageof a 10 point wow magnitude-370 million people without electricity. I think that number is higher than our U.S. population; it's only the upper part of the subcontinent that's affected, but wow. Imagine if we had such a power loss here-there's been talk of possible EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attacks wiping out our electronics, figuratively bombing us back to the 'Stone Age' or at least the 1840's.
Yesterday our landline phones and internet were down all day-a friend was getting the shakes as she WANTED, NEEDED to be online-so instead we talked on our cell phones until they died. We wouldn't
cope well with an outage such as Northern India is suffering right now.
If you are the Praying kind, you might join me in praying for the people of India.


Doug said...

I realized too late that my sense of skew doesn't always translate well to the written page-
"India Inc" should be read as
"India Ink", which is BLACK; they are suffering a Black-out.
See? Now the title makes imperfect sense.
I have added India to my prayers for tonight, but I do not like written prayers, even my own-which is why I don't add a prayer for India here.
That's just me.

Doug said...