Thursday, July 05, 2012

What If They Held A Convention And Nobody Came?

From Doug Powers via Michelle Malkin:
"A fresh round of Democrats has announced they will not be attending the party convention in Charlotte. Most troublingly for President Obama, several of them are from North Carolina, and not only have they decided not to drop in on a convention held in their own state, they’ve refused to endorse Obama for president in 2012.
The latest round of Democrats fleeing from Obama include North Carolina congressmen Mike McIntyre and Larry Kissell, plus candidate Hayden Rogers. Additionally, news broke just before the Fourth of July holiday that Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas has decided not to attend the party convention, although he does support Obama for president."

I imagine some arm-twisting and possible threat/ bribery will occur to get some Dems to the big show.
When President Obama was asked today if he is bothered by these Convention Demfections he shocked the crowd in Ohio by NOT blaming George Bush...he said it was all Romney's fault.
While President Obama has the mainstream media in his pocket, he will never be bothered by any such inconvenient queries.        segue
Does anyone out there ever recall a Presidential campaign that held fundraisers in other countries?
George Clooney is the draw, though I wouldn't pay a dime to see him chew food. It just seems so strange-Switzerland and France? President Obama complains that Romney outsourced jobs, but he sends Clooney around the world to raise funds?
Maybe his infernal polling has shown that he's more popular overseas-is this the first step in his campaign to become a future Sec Gen of the U.N.? They can have him. Cheap-make offer/OBO.

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Doug said...

From the article by Doug Powers, one of the Demfectionists is Larry Kissell whose district includes Charlotte. I don't think I'm reading too much into this, and one factor which may explain the cold shoulder
President Obama is getting-he has refused to campaign for Dems in Congress, as he is campaigning against Congress. He has also said, if I remember rightly, that he would not be sharing any of his war chest to help struggling Democrats.
It looks like he will need every penny, hopefully to no avail.
I hope that all of the Republicans who are declaring opposition to Obamacare actually show up and get rid of it before it becomes too entrenched in our society.
Stay warm this Summer! I have fans going in the windows as I'm too cheap to put my A/C on until I'm about melted.